It's possible with Relationship Skills Bootcamp. Here's how it works, 

  • Each week, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind video lesson delivered right to your inbox.
  • Later in the week, you’ll submit your homework to us along with any questions you have about that week’s materials.
  • Each week, you’ll join us for our LIVE Office Hours on video chat where we’ll answer your questions.
  • You NEVER Have To Figure This Out Alone. We’ll Hold Your Hand The Entire Way.
  • We’ll Check-in with you to make sure you’re understanding the material and that you’re properly practicing it in your everyday life.

“Working with Dr. Darcy was unlike any relationship therapy I’ve had before. She made me feel safe to share my inner most insecurities about dating and relationships.”

Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Famously Single Season 1

“Dr. Darcy’s advice helped me learn to trust again, to listen more and that its ok to be vulnerable. I’m now in a successful & healthy relationship that I must say is all because I have applied the relationship skills I learned with Dr. Darcy.”

Somaya Reece Love and Hip Hop, Famously Single Season 1

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